Track: Sydney’s legendary nineties heroes Caligula return with the blistering single ‘World on Fire’.

Feature Photograph: Andrew Treadwell Photography

Caligula‘s brand of thrilling electro grunge reached its apotheosis in the early nineties with the album ‘Rubenesque’, and having burned so brightly, the band went into hiatus until reforming to support Pop Will Eat Itself’s (PWEI) Australian tour in 2018 with founding members Ashley Rothschild and Jamie Fonti. A few live shows have followed, signifying the reformation of a band that played an important role in Australia’s indie scene. Now, as a natural progression, Caligula have just released their dynamic new single ‘World On Fire’.

The trademark interchange between piercing synths, throbbing rhythms and chiming guitars frame this epic single: a widescreen cinematic thrum with Rothschild’s signature vocals that soar above the motorik beat and Kraftwerkian keyboards. Caligula create the perfect the mix of an iron skeleton draped with anthemic melodies and harmonies. There is an undeniable nod to an era in the nineties that melded synths and grunge – Killing Joke, PWEI, EMF and their ilk – but presented perfectly for our times.

According to the band,

The track is an observation on the craziness and uncertainty that is happening in our world. From the Covid break out to natural disaster and world wars. Social media is rife with over opinionated keyboard warriors and sycophants.

Everyone is scared.

What is the new normal?

If the new normal includes the welcome return of essential bands like Caligula, then there’s a scintilla of hope. What a thoroughly welcome return:

‘World On Fire’ is put now through all the usual download and streaming sites. The band has announced they will be releasing a single on the last Friday of the month, so buckle up for a very enjoyable ride.

Feature Photograph: Andrew Treadwell Photography

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