Track: Sydney’s legendary Caligula are back with ‘Invisible’: a stately and anthemic piece of goth-laced groove. Catch them live this month – seeing is believing.

Like a fine wine maturing, the legendary Caligula are simply getting better in their renaissance. They were brightly burning stars in the nineties and, after a long hiatus, are back on the boards with founding members Ashley Rothschild and Jamie Fonti, and some very seasoned additions – guitarist Mark Tobin (The Finalists, Steve Kilbey) and drummer Kyle Barr. We were already highly impressed by their return to the fray with their single ‘World on Fire’ (see my review here) and their new single ‘Invisible’ is a stately and grand anthem with a dark gothic edge. A muscular wall of sound is tempered by a hint of melancholia and the resultant sonic sweep is grand and cinematic.

The signature mix of featherweight scything synths over a muscular rhythm section under singer Ash Rothschild’s urgent, yearning vocals feature strongly, with the band’s capacity to create indelible pop melodies continue to make this band something quite delightful.

‘Invisible’ is out now through all the usual download and streaming sites. The band has announced they will be releasing a single on the last Friday of the month, and the journey so far is brilliant.

You can also catch Caligula live in action at the end of the month in Sydney – see details below and get your tickets here.

Feature Photograph: Andrew Treadwell Photography

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