See: Ariel Pink shares video for ‘Alisa’

It might not be a new song, but Ariel Pink has released a new video for Alisa, taken from his House Arrest album, where he still worked under the name of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. It’s a trippy, psychedelic laced track, and despite it’s lo-fi slacker feel, it’s sparkly, melodic and memorable.

The reason for the video is there’s a second instalment of reissues taken from his back catalogue, following last years new additions of Loverboy and Underground. Alongside House Arrest, The Doldrums and Worn Copy make up the new reissues, each release has been restored from the original cassette masters, which one retransferred and remastered from single-track sources. There’s also the long-awaited follow up volume of rare and unheard tracks titled Oddities Sodomies Vol. 2.   

Check out the lo-fi 80s graphics and old live footage that’s been put together to accompany the track, here

Vinyl addicts will be pleased to know The Doldrums and House Arrest will be presented on double LPs for the first time ever. They’re out April 24th via Mexican Summer.

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