Live Review: Alice Cooper – Gröna Lund, Stockholm 09.06.2024

Anastasia Baranovskaia

By Anastasia Baranovskaia

Alice Cooper’s electrifying performance brought a large crowd to Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden, on a rainy Sunday evening. The anticipation was palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting the iconic rocker’s show. Many attendees dressed up as Alice Cooper, complete with the signature smudged-eye makeup, adding to the festive and nostalgic atmosphere.

The stage featured a banner reading “Banned In Sweden!” as Alice Cooper made a dramatic entrance, bursting through the canvas to the sound of music. The show was scheduled to start at 8 PM, and as it began to rain, the weather seemed to enhance the theatrical vibe of the evening.

Alice Cooper’s band was exceptionally tight-knit, with each member showcasing their talent through guitar and drum solos seamlessly integrated into the performance. The energy was impressive, especially considering they had performed at Sweden Rock in Sölvesborg the night before.

The setlist was a well-curated mix of classic hits, including “Hey Stoopid,” “Feed My Frankenstein,” and “Poison.” During “Feed My Frankenstein,” a towering Frankenstein figure roamed the stage, adding fun and striking visuals. The crowd’s excitement peaked during “Poison,” with nearly everyone’s phones up in the air, eagerly trying to capture the performance.

The show featured several theatrical elements, such as Alice Cooper handling a snake and a dramatic guillotine act where his head appeared to be chopped off. As the concert neared its end, Alice Cooper and his band played “Elected,” accompanied by striking graphics and confetti in red, white, and blue. The grand finale was the iconic “School’s Out,” a fitting ending as many students had recently graduated from school here in Sweden.

Alice Cooper’s concert at Gröna Lund was a masterclass in rock ‘n’ roll, blending great music, talented musicians, and captivating theatrics. Witnessing a living legend in action was exhilarating, and the evening was a testament to Cooper’s ability to thrill and entertain his audience.

Overall, it was a great show, and hearing those classic songs live is something truly special,
a reminder of the timeless power of rock ‘n’ roll and the unparalleled showmanship of Alice
Cooper continues to captivate audiences across generations.

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