See: Girl Ray share the video for ‘Where Am I Now’

Still taken from Girl Ray video for 'Where Am I Now' single

Girl Ray get all nostalgic in the video for new song ‘Where Am I Now’.

This north London four-piece – of Poppy Hankin, Iris McConnell, Sophie Moss and Emily Craste – play wistful indie-pop that is ridiculously easy to fall for, as I did when I saw them support the equally breezy-sounding Tuff Love last year.

‘Where Am I Now’ features gorgeous but melancholy harmonies over jangling guitars, creating a warm and dreamy sound that Belle And Sebastian would be proud of. Hankin’s vocals are unique – her precise pronunciation adds to the sense of consideration in the lyrics. “The song is about being in a really low and difficult place “ she explains. “And finding that even as you try to come out of it, the thought and pressure of happiness as a final destination can sometimes be scary and overwhelming in its unfamiliarity.”

The mix of retro and contemporary elements in Girl Ray’s music is reflected in the video, directed by Rita Maria Conry, which features the band making up dances and singing into mirrors. “Girl Ray have known each other forever so I wanted to show that through their looks and glances and private jokes,” says Conry. “I took inspiration for the split screen from the layout of images in magazines.”

‘Where Am I Now’ is the b-side of ‘Trouble’ – their first physical release (out on 25 November via Moshi Moshi Singles Club). The a-side is a more upbeat affair but retains their distinctive blend of 60s girl group sounds with a modern edge. The song is about “apathy and hating yourself for trying to win pointless arguments in snakey ways,” say the band. “It’s about turning into someone you don’t like.”

The only sting in the Girl Ray tail is that we won’t get to hear their debut album until Spring 2017, although there’s no doubt it’ll be worth the wait.

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