Track: Josh Kemp – Imaginary Friend

Never one to shy away from the world for too long, Josh Kemp is back with a brand new single ‘Imaginary Friend’, complete with a music video which showcases his recent adventures across South East Asia and beyond.

The dreamy song offers a new perspective, inviting us to appreciate the simpler things instead of focussing on life’s stresses. Josh Kemp becomes our own imaginary friend, standing by our sides and telling us to look at the stars; things aren’t so bad when you can escape for a little while.

“The idea for this song and then video came from the realisation that we are frequently bogged down by negativity, in the news or even in our day to day lives,” Josh explains. “Bad things are a lot more sensational or memorable and the spreading of good things are often deemed cliche, boastful, too personal or alienating.”

“We tend not to notice the big things we take for granted until they are gone, and that’s something I aim to change, even if it’s just for 6 minutes and 20 seconds!” We’re with you, Josh, and the video shares that exact feeling of freedom and adventure whilst holding to the important things; friendship and love. Explore the world on Josh’s shoulder and you’ll be better for it, I promise.

Watch the video to ‘Imaginary Friend’ / ‘It’s A Wonderful World’ below:

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