‘Family life and norms change dramatically after the death of a parent’, say Allentown, PA power poppers Summer Scouts of their track Vessels, before continuing “The home itself takes a drastic shift in its overall aura, a shift that’s slowly continues for years after the death, forever losing its original feeling. While the family’s personalities experience alterations as well, the house itself holds the significant, glaring symbolism of this dark familial change. “Vessel” visits this feeling that no one in the family wants to face and confronts it in an emotional conversation between the singer (an affected family member) and the house.”

Taken from their forthcoming album Furthest Reach which came out yesterday (May 20th) it’s an emotionally charger roller coaster of a ride, full of huge riffs and driving drums, alongside some of the quiet/loud contrasts to really hammer the heartbreak home.

Check out the accomapanying video, here