Meet: Canadian Creative Julian Thomas

Canadian creative Julian Thomas who released his brand new album ‘Drifting Man’ via Public Records inc. last month. We caught up to find out about the man, and ask about his inspirations and influences, especially in regards to his new album Drifting Man.

“Honestly, in terms of inspiration there’s so much to choose from, I’m inspired everyday. I’ve been fueled by some (good and bad) instances in my life, in combination with the fact that I’m hyper critical of myself, that’s kind of kept me going.”

“Musically I’ve been inspired by Tupac and Nirvana for a majority of my life, if I had to narrow it down. Whenever somebody asks me about the inspiration behind the music I just tell them the 1990’s had a big influence on it.

Regarding to the album:

“Drifting Man” is as simple a concept as the title suggests, we recorded this body of work over the course of a year, and that year was a very turbulent time for me in terms of living situations, relationships, work, you name it, I was drifting, luckily I landed in Mikhail’s studio. We recorded a few albums in that time working across many different genres, which actually helped me as a songwriter.”

“I was able to develop new cadences and writing styles, and finally I wasn’t writing a verse in 15 minutes over a trap beat. We really cherished the process for this album as well as the other projects that we got into. The other albums will probably see the light of day within the next year, now that the world has regained a morsel of normalcy.”

Julian states:

Those days before the sickness came around I had no fixed address, I was sleeping on couches wherever/whenever I could. These songs are just a glimpse of how I was living and making it through the inevitable, unfortunate circumstances I had been granted.

Drifting in and out of “safe places” and peoples lives had me feeling pretty inadequate, but the music carried me through. I’m honoured and blessed to be able to share this with whoever will have me. Welcome to the shit show.” 

Check out his track Mr. Perfect, below:

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