Premiere: Marti West’s ‘Out Of My Head’ is an eighties flavoured effervescent sparkle from his new album ‘Talking To Strangers’, out on Friday.

Feature Photograph: Daniel Israel-Quinn

We are very pleased to premiere the new single ‘Out Of My Head’ from Tuscany born and London based singer/songwriter Marti West. Coasting on a sibilant synth undercurrent, the sound is smooth and driving with West’s vocals velvet and immersive. A massive chorus expands the vast horizon – with an indelible melody that lingers on well after the song ends.

A saxophone interlude and return recalls the euphoric intensity of the Mark Knopfler instrumental from ‘Local Hero’, while the bright pace of the track has a day-glo eighties pop sheen to it redolent of M83. It’s an anthem that bubbles along with a high stepping trot – a fitting soundtrack to a Michael Mann or Nicolas Winding Refn movie set late at night amongst the neon lights of a city.

West says of the track:

I wrote this song at a time when someone new had come into my life. Excitement, and the thrill of a possible new romance started to emerge. Unfortunately for me, these feelings were not returned. There was a giddy, bittersweet moment where my hopeful exhilaration began to mix with the sting of sadness and disappointment. I went out for a long walk in the city and fleshed out the lyrics to ‘Out Of My Head’.

The bittersweet nature of the lyrics bleeds into the melancholy notes in the vocals and is contrasted by the driving pace of the music.

The single is out tomorrow (Friday, 28 April 2023) along with West’s new album ‘Talking To Strangers’. West says of his new work:

‘Talking To Strangers’ is an album about a relationship that has broken down. From misery and denial in ‘Somebody New’, self-questioning in ‘Always’ and ‘Out Of My Head’, to acceptance in ‘Most Of The Time’, the songs portray a voice that is processing feelings of grief, depression, and isolation. There’s drive and exuberance in the music though, and enough ‘80s synths and defiant drums to offer more than a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

If ‘Out Of My Head’ is anything to go by, this is going to be an absolute delight. You can pre-order the vinyl here and explore other download and streaming options here.

Talking To Strangers Tracklist:


Nobody Knows Me (Like You)

Out Of My Head

Talking To Strangers


Out Of My Hands

Somebody New

Most Of The Time

We Could Be Good Together

Feature Photograph: Daniel Israel-Quinn

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