Premiere: Stream Matt Costa’s soaring ‘Katabatic Flight’ score to coincide with film’s release today

Matt Costa likes to keep busy. He’s working on a new record at the moment, the proper follow-up to 2020’s Yellow Coat, which is expected to surface before the end of the year, but it’s not the only thing he’s releasing in 2023. He doesn’t operate like that, so today he’s putting out a film score, shooting and scoring two more as we speak. Oh, and we’re streaming the full thing below!

Katabatic Flight is described by Costa as follows: “Matthew James, athlete and pilot descends into Death Valley on the path of the Katabatic winds. We take flight and uncover a new relationship with time and our relationship to the primordial. The laws of nature suggest the destination. Learning that when you harness the wind, we do not capture it; instead it must become our guide. I’m thrilled to share the Katabatic Flight in documentation on film and in song.”

With that said, you can also watch the film below, also out today – more to come from Matt relatively soon, probably!

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