Track: Gary Numan – I Am Screaming

With his new album due 21st May, Gary Numan has shared another single ‘I am Screaming’ from his 18th album ‘Intruder’

A mysterious start to this more laid back track from Numan. With a slightly softer vocal that mirrors a certain Billy Corgan. In fact the track itself has a Smashing Pumpkins vibe to it. The track also features a contribution from Görkem Şen, the inventor of the yaybahar (an acoustic stringed synthesiser), which plays the tracks theme throughout.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Numan’s Website or Facebook

Pre order the album here

‘Intruder’ tracklist: 

  1. ‘Betrayed’ 
  2. ‘The Gift’ 
  3. ‘I Am Screaming’ 
  4. ‘Intruder’ 
  5. ‘Is This World Not Enough’ 
  6. ‘A Black Sun 
  7. ‘The Chosen’ 
  8. ‘And It Breaks Me Again’ 
  9. ‘Saints And Liars’ 
  10. ‘Now And Forever’ 
  11. ‘The End of Dragons’ 
  12. ‘When You Fall’ (bonus track on deluxe CD, vinyl and digital formats)
  13. ‘The End of Dragons (alt piano)’ (bonus track on vinyl and digital formats)
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