See: Florence + the Machine release video for ‘Delilah’

‘Delilah’ is the new single to be taken from Florence + the Machine’s Mercury Music Prize nominated album ‘How Big How Blue How Beautiful’, and is released on 4 December.
I’ll be honest and say I’m not the biggest fan of the new album, as sometimes the power of Welch’s voice overpowers the songs. That said, I really like ‘Delilah’. Her voice seems to emanate gradually from the core of her being rather than being forced out at full pelt. It’s soulful whilst retaining the right amount of vocal strength.
The video for ‘Delilah’, directed by Vincent Haycock, is a continuation of the Odyssey series that began with the release of ‘What Kind Of Man’.
The video perfectly suits the intense emotion that flows through the song. Filmed in Los Angeles, Welch takes on the role of biblical character Delilah. In some pretty scary scenes she is shown running in an out of rooms in a motel or apartment building whilst having seemingly religious experiences and fending off personal, and literal, demons. In true Florence + the Machine style, it’s intense and captivating.
At the end of the video, Welch states to the camera “there’s this storm all around us”. There’s definitely one around her and, unlike Delilah in the biblical tale, Welch can do no wrong.

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