Track: Leddie MC – Just the One Ft. Rick Fury and Seek the Northerner

Leddie MC

After sharing a track from last years EP. Leddie Mc has finally shared a brand new track for this year. Titled ‘Just The One’ it features Rick Fury and Seek The Northerner.

Regarding the track Leddie coments:

“The track was mainly inspired by my absolute lack of self-discipline and the fact I’m such a lightweight that its genuinely embarrassing… renowned amongst my friends and family for saying I’m only having one, end up drinking far too much, far too quickly, and throwing my guts up, passing out somewhere… or both.”

Three voices telling of the joys and downfalls of drinking one too many. With a catchy jazz backbeat it’s the three distinctive voices that are the star of this track. Not one to make it all lyrics though, a short sharp and tasty guitar solo breaks through rounding off another cracker of a track from Leddie, and the start to what is going to be another great year of music from her.

Check it out, here

Find out more about Leddie MC on her Facebook or Bandcamp

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