Premiere: Homeschool trails new EP with self-acceptance banger ‘My Only Enemy’

You may remember back in February when we premiered New Yorker Tom D’Agustino’s most recent single as Homeschool, ‘Bound to Be’. At the time, all we could say was there was more to come from them this year, with no indication of what form that might take. Well, it turns out there’s a new EP coming very soon; and from it, we’re premiering a song which is, impressively, the best of the three singles they’ve released this year, the other being ‘Loving You to Death‘. Folks, this is an Absolute Banger and no mistake.

‘My Only Enemy’ relies on a classic tension-and-release song structure, with D’Agustino’s vocals pairing with a muscular synth line for the first verse, and then the chorus hits and the whole thing just explodes. It’s a you-should-listen-on-good-headphones level explosion. The song opens up all at once and gives everything an immediate lift. It’s a cathartic ode to looking out for yourself and, to quote a different band, giving yourself a try. (Side note: fans of The 1975 would have a good time with this.)

Per D’Agustino: “‘My Only Enemy’ asks questions about why I am the way I am, and why I act the way I do. It’s a self-critical reflection wearing upbeat, dance-pop clothes where I ultimately make a realization about myself and the world. Mainly, no matter who I may blame for things that have happened to me, disappointments, losses, failures – the only real enemy or obstacle between me and an acceptance of myself, is myself.”

Paired with his new single is a reminder that said new EP Just Now is out on May 19th. Three singles, three new jams. You should be excited. Get acquainted with ‘My Only Enemy’ below with our first listen:

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