PREMIERE: Homeschool wrestles with questions of identity on ‘Bound to Be’

It’s hard to know what you want sometimes, and it’s harder still to know who you are. Tom D’Agustino understands that it’s a process, and it’s for that reason their genderfluid identity and music as Homeschool are intertwined.

Their new song explores the idea of existing in the face of society’s preconceived notions of who they are or should be, dismissing the idea of fame in favour of contentment with their lot. In addition to this, it comes with a squelchy, insistent hook that explodes into what could be the best chorus they’ve written yet.

D’Agustino sums up their new single as, ” blending all these different genres like electronic music, salsa beats, and indie rock, to show me that my music can be more than one thing – that it can be unfixed and fluid. […] I may not be bound for some sort of abstract glory, but I am bound to be honest. I am bound to be someone who lives ‘just now,’ authentically, truthfully, and unabashedly. I am bound to express my fluidity, my perspective, and my gripes, on my own terms. And I’m bound to fucking enjoy it.”

‘Bound to Be’ is their first new music since last year’s Homeschool: Book II EP, and we’re delighted to premiere it. Tune in below and keep an eye out for more from them later in the year.

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