Premiere: Homeschool celebrates new EP release with video for ‘Hanger-on’

The new EP from New Yorker Tom D’Agustino is all hits, if you haven’t been keeping up. Out today, the 6-track collection follows up last year’s Homeschool: Book II and is a great starting point for anyone new to their sound, which combines slick synth-pop and sky-scraping hooks with lyrics that tackle self-worth and the process of personal growth, with more than a little knowing self-deprecation in the mix.

‘Hanger-on’ leans into D’Agustino’s introspective side with both its musical and lyrical approach, as it pivots nicely into shoegaze-tinged sad banger territory. Here’s what they have to say about it: “‘Hanger-on’ is for those people that feel like the loser in a relationship, that fear maybe they’re just along for the ride, that they don’t have much to offer. The repetitive chord progression, and the looped drum beat, make me think of the endless march my self-deprecating thoughts can take sometimes. And then the chorus comes and the mood breaks, a bit of clarity is restored as I remind myself that I am more than what I am afraid of. I can offer something beautiful to my partner and to those that I care about, I can offer commitment and I can offer love. Being there for people is more valuable than any kind of success I can think of, and I think the heart of the song reinforces that idea.”

It’s the final single from the fantastic Just Now EP, which you can stream in full below. In addition, we’ve got your first look at the Brian Paccione-directed clip for the song – D’Agustino’s desire for high production value doesn’t stop with their music. New Yorkers, we cannot stress this enough: go see them tonight at Baby’s All Right, because they probably won’t be playing rooms that size for much longer.

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