News: Neue Deutsche Härte Pioneers Oomph! Unveil Their Anti-War Anthem “Nur ein Mensch” + Official Music Video!

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Neue Deutsche Härte pioneers Oomph! release their anti-war anthem “Nur Ein Mensch” (EN: Only a Human), cut from their new album Richter und Henker, that is out this Friday, September 8, 2023, via Napalm Records! Successor to Oomph!’s #1 charting 2019 album Ritual (Official German Album Charts), Richter und Henker marks the unit’s 14th full-length, and kicks of a new era as the first album with the new Oomph!  vocalist DER SCHULZ.

OOMPH! on “Nur Ein Mensch”:
“The song is an anti-war song from the point of view of a soldier at the front. He realizes that we are all the same. We all suffer, we mourn, we bleed the same color, and we have nothing at all personally against the people who are facing us. And yet we allow ourselves to be stirred up against each other by power-hungry and conscienceless despots who profit from war, using the same old mechanisms, and led into the field and thus to our doom. We are only cannon fodder. Expendable!”

The band adds about the video:
“The band performance takes place in the video on several levels. In one level we are symbolically illuminated by constantly changing colors of different national flags of the world. Then there’s a visually powerful layer with projections of war scenes behind us, and another layer with wild strobe effects reminiscent of brutal drumfire at night.”

Richter und Henker Tracklisting:
1 Wem die Stunde Schlägt
2 Richter und Henker
3 Soll das Liebe Sein?
4 Nur Ein Mensch
5 Schrei nur Schrei
6 Nichts wird mehr Gut
7 Sag Jetzt Einfach Nichts
8 Es ist Nichts, Wie es Scheint
9 Wo die Angst Gewinnt
10 All die Jahre
11 Wut feat. Joachim Witt
12 Ein Kleines Bisschen Glück
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