Track: Ryan Doyle Shares Infectious Dance-Pop Bop ‘Closer’

Blending pop melodies with EDM tendencies, Ryan Doyle’s new single ‘Closer’ captures an infectious euphoric energy.

Opening with Layered processed vocals over a glitching synths, the track soon bursts to life with a bopping bass-line atop, gently swelling pads and a punching electronic beat. Balancing a light euphoria with the crunchy, experimental and elegant approach of early Mura Masa, ‘Closer’ at it’s heart is a track which showcases Doyle’s musical creativity.

‘Closer’ shines at it’s brightest in the latter stages as shimmering dappled arpeggiators dance around the pitch shifted, distorted lead vocal whilst the beat and bass move with a refreshing sense of freedom.

Speaking about the single, he says: “From the moment I wrote ‘Closer’ it felt like a special song, but to get it right after the initial demo has been a whole load of work! 3 vocalists and 2 completely different productions later, it’s my favourite song I’ve put out to date and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

Listen below:

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