News: A Former Friend Re-Release Debut EPs on New Double Vinyl

Exploring the Shadows of Human Nature, A Former Friend’s Evocative EPs Now Available on 12-Inch Vinyl

Americana ensemble A Former Friend introduces a vinyl re-release of their first two EPs, offering an innovative twist on classic sounds. The self-titled debut EP, initially unveiled online in 2020 amidst the onset of a global pandemic, converges with a subsequent release from the following year, creating a sonic journey that delves into the societal ills shaping modern America.

A Former Friend, led by singer-songwriter Robert Tobias and vocalist/flutist Amanda Jane, crafts a unique blend of alternative country with a distinctive touch. The vinyl release weaves together the atmospheric richness of acoustic guitars and the classic resonance of a Fender Telecaster, accompanied by the lively notes of a Wurlitzer piano, Hammond B3 organ, mandolin, and flute melodies. The result is a sound that defies genre boundaries, anchored by driving basslines and rhythmic drums.

The band’s self-aware lyrics, coupled with layered harmonies, add a richly nostalgic quality to their music, providing a pioneering edge to edgy and irreverent commentary on the contemporary zeitgeist.

On the second EP, ‘This Television Will Not Be Revolutionized’, Tobias reflects on the tumultuous events of 2020, stating, “As we all hunkered down and watched the events of 2020 unfold on our television screens, it was striking how societal issues that have persisted over decades were reaching a fever pitch.”

The EP tackles a range of topics, from the loss of societal ideals in “American Dream” to the political landscape’s hubris in “Kings for the Commonwealth.” “Gallows” pays homage to the toil and hardship of workers exploited by capitalism, while “No Holding Back” speaks to a generation whose discourse is influenced by technology.

A Former Friend, originally rooted in the Arizona desert, found their musical voice in the hills of Kentucky, immersing themselves in the legendary Bowling Green and Nashville music scenes. Their sound evolved through tours across the U.S. and global performances, culminating in the birth of A Former Friend in 2018. The band’s musical palette spans rock, country, folk, punk, jazz, and hip-hop, earning them a global fan base.

As pandemic restrictions ease, A Former Friend is embracing the return to live performances with a full band, marking the official release of their vinyl project. The 12-inch record promises to be a sonic journey through the depths of American storytelling. With upcoming shows scheduled throughout the Northeastern U.S. and additional tour dates on the horizon, A Former Friend invites audiences to experience the evolution of their haunting and resonant sound.

Listen below:

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