Live Gallery: Michael Rother 50 Years of NEU! at the City Recital Hall, Sydney 22.02.2024

Michael Rother

Michael Rother is playing the Recital Hall in Sydney tonight. Rother, a founding member of Neu!, and his late companion Klaus Dinger, who passed away in 2008, have left a legacy of inspiration that has influenced countless musicians across generations. Artists such as Radiohead, Devo, U2, and David Bowie, among others, have cited Rother as a key influence, showcasing the far-reaching impact of his innovative work in shaping the landscape of modern music.

Without the influence of Kraftwerk, NEU! and Can, the genres of post-punk and electronica would have had to look elsewhere for much of their inspiration.

The Quietus

Also appearing tonight is Laurence Pike, a prolific drummer/composer/producer and one Australia’s most respected creative musicians. Pike, alone on stage with just his drums, commands attention, weaving intricate rhythms and dynamic beats that fill the space with an electrifying energy.

Michael Rother, despite his monumental legacy as a pioneer of Krautrock and electronic music, displays a self-effacing demeanor as he takes the stage. With a humble approach, he addresses the audience, saying, “I won’t be talking much,” setting the tone for a performance that prioritizes music over words. Standing behind a desk adorned with a laptop, wires and synthesiser, and joined by Hans Lampe on drums (La Düsseldorf), Franz Bargmann on guitar (ex Camera) and Vittoria Maccabruni (electronics & vocals,) Rother delves into his set, captivating the audience with his masterful blend of electronic sounds and mesmerising melodies. Truly a spectacular and special performance and especially moving given the recent sad passing of Damo Suzuki, the enigmatic frontman of the legendary Krautrock band CAN.

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