Album Review: Apollo Stands – Interstellar

The Breakdown

Apollo Stands have released another album of their unique brand of British metal that takes influences from a wide range of genres.

Norwich metal band Apollo Stands have released another album of their unique brand of British metal that takes influences from a wide range of genres.

The huge cinematic opening that is first track ‘Void’ sets the album up nicely as something different from the usual mould of metal acts. The track leads into ‘Insolarous’ which itself has a disjointed cinematic feel and you don’t realise that the metal aspect of the bands sound has crept up on you until the guitars fade away and we are left with the awesome sounding drums of Edgar Taljaard and Ry Hase vocals. The epic chorus with the chorus like backing vocals. Olly Smith also gets to show off some silky lead playing.

As the title suggests Synthetic as a synthetic feel with the Baba O’riley synths and spoken word vocasl before the track gets down to the grinding rhythms of the main riff. Second track in and already the album shows its variety within the song writing. The mysterious ‘Pick Up’ changes again as it slows things down with Hase’s vocals taking centre stage with one of his best vocal performances. Especially over the huge expressive chords that Smith enhances with emotive guitar lines.

‘Please Wait’ is the return of the cinematic metal with operatic backing vocals over pounding drums and aggressive riffing. The vocals turn vicious with some fantastic screaming and an explosive chorus mixing clean and guttural vocals. The band know when to bring the heavy but also know when to take the foot off the peddle and let the tracks breath. The use of electronic instruments give the melodic structures that makes this album such an enjoyable listening experience.

The emotive ‘Hive’ showcases the bands use of electronic and metal elements perfectly and sees Hase really push his vocals and we get some sizzling guitar work in the mix and you get to appreciate the musical talent of the band. ‘The Arbiter’ is the track where the band really shine. It kicks off with some epic guitar work before going full metal with screamed raspy vocals that go full metal on the chorus when the riff kicks in and the song really takes off and we finally get to hear Smith melt his fretboard with an epic solo.

A short album at only seven songs long, but that only goes towards making each song stand out and the band have chosen well to showcase their varied songwriting talent. If anything this album is more of a stepping stone to where the band want to be with their sound. This band have so much to give and it will be an exciting time waiting on their next album.

Check out the track Pick Up, below:

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