Premiere: Dela Paz releases new track Favorite Dress

Mexican-American singer-songwriter Dela Paz returns with a new single Favorite Dress , made in collaboration with beatmaker and producer Wolfgang Pander, and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Of the song, Dela Paz told us “Favorite Dress portrays a difficult stage in a relationship as a couple highlights their past, their desire of not giving up and their fear of making the same mistakes again. This is a song for those who have gone through a heartbreak which one learns from. It shows how through heartbreak, some things never change.”

There’s a R&B/pop sheen to Favourite Dress, but there’s also a good helping of indie pop in there as his voice crackles and hollers (albeit quite beautifully) over the top, as he delivers this smart, instantly likeable track. Underneath, the muted guitar chops, with these waves of synth and electronics sweeping over the chorus, as the whole thing is driven by these electronic drums.

It veers between charming and irresistible. And that can’t be a bad thing……

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