Premiere: Sensoren releases the hard edged electronica of Krankenwagen

Photo Credit: Jacob Luckey

Philadelphia based electronic musician Sensoren has been skirting the edges of avant-electronica, swerving over territory normally classed and techno to pop to extreme, and ahead of his forthcoming album Idiot Brian, we’re delighted to premiere the track Krankenwagen right here on Backseat Mafia today.

The album featured new tracks and reworks of old track from the decade or so of recording in equal measure, and Sensoren says of this track “Krankenwagen –the German word for ambulance – is a testament to the constant injury of modern culture. Accenting manic tension with lethargic intermissions, it maps the psychological panics of the digital lifescape.”

The eerie piano line that opens offers only brief respite from these huge synth riffs that are bolted over the track, with icy melodic lines and repeated patterns giving it this muscular, unsettling and manic feeling as it slowly morphed and steps over beats and time as it progresses, never letting go of the tight hold it has on you.

Check it out here

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