Track: Melbourne’s Hooper Crescent are ‘Best In Town’ – a superb slice of angular post punk joy.

Feature Photograph: James Morris (Cook Up)

‘Best In Town’, the new single from Melbourne outfit Hooper Crescent, is a thoroughly satisfying slice of post punk joy – angular fuzzy instrumentation with blushes of saxophone and a delightful swaggering poise and attitude. The lilting pace and thundering bass under the surface make for a vibrant dynamism, with the dissociated vocals and choruses providing a sneering filigree.

This is a fresh slice of indie pop that subverts the usual structural tropes and creates something more wandering, unrestrained and free. It has echoes of Arcade Fire, Talking Heads, early Models and early Split Enz – you get the picture. Something that is freshly minted with an eccentric and untrammeled sense of joy.

According to the band, the accompanying video, directed by Rachel Feery:

…celebrates the rituals and connections created by a genuine sense of community. The visuals belie a superficial and conceited modern lifestyle hinted at in the song’s lyrics.

It is unpretentious and endearing; scenes of urban/pastoralist bliss:

This is the A-side of a digital double single released by Spoilsport Records, the B-side ‘Instant Lawn’ expected in early 2022.

You can get the single below:

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