Track: Hooper Crescent bring back their angular quirky pop back with ‘Instant Lawn’.

Feature Photograph: James Morris (Cook Up)

Hooper Crescent, the quirky Melbourne alt pop group, have just released the ‘b’ side to last year’s release ‘Best In Town’ (reviewed by me here). ‘Instant Lawn’ maintains a vibrant low-fi buzz with an angular edge, a plethora of meaty hooks and an anthemic chorus.

There is an ineffable charm about the track, mirrored by the do-it-yourself chaos of the accompanying video. Like Sydney band Loose Fit, Hooper Crescent display a warm eccentricity and rawness with a dance sensibility that recalls early Talking Heads. Ultimately, intelligent pop delivered with an unique buzz.

‘Instant Lawn’ is out through Spoilsport Records and available through the link below, along with ‘Best In Town’.

Feature Photograph: James Morris (Cook Up)

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