Exclusive: Rhys Bloodjoy- Psyche Attack Theories

Teetering on the peripherals of space and time, one man psych-assassin, Rhys Bloodjoy, once again ventures into the darker side of things to bring you his latest offering, the Psyche Attack Theories.

Five songs that, as the man himself puts it, “all relate to ways in which unseen, dark forces can play havoc with the human psyche.”

Armed with just an acoustic guitar a looper and FX pedals, Bloodjoy has the spellbinding ability to create soundscapes that would and should be the envy of many a band. A true Hip Priest for the new millenia, if you haven’t had the pleasure already, definitely look out for him 2017. He’s not just one to watch, he’s one to absorb.

Psyche Attack Theories is unleashed through Sister 9 recordings in limited edition digi-pack on December 23rd. You can pre-order your copy now by clicking HERE.


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