Premiere: Reindeer – Field Reports from the Western Lands EP

Taken from his debut album of the same , out now on cult Berlin label Anette Recordings, Reindeer – aka Croydon’s James Reindeer has revealed ‘Field Reports from the Western Lands remix EP’ and we are delighted to premiere it here on Backseat Mafia.
The track itself is this dizzying piece of experimental hip-hop, Field Reports from Western Lands is a tour diary in song form, the lyrics taken directly from his notebook entries as he traversed North America, and he name checks some of the places he visited – Guelph, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Portland, New York and Washington DC as well as descriptive rhymes and raps of city centres, districts and even roads. It’s all over this woozy, shifting electro/ambient backing, which give it a slightly uneasy feel.
Metalheadz producer Andy Skopes builds his Hospital like DnB beats and rhythms all over the track, the propulsion of the beats working in juxtaposition with the wobbly, foggy beats, although the raps are brought right to the front of the mix. In contrast Edison, the man behind some of the most important 667Guild productions, wallows in the ambience, slowing it down, stripping away the ambiguity, replacing it with simple, intertwining lines and twinkling, cascading lines. Super producer Valance Drakes throws the whole thing out of the window, instead concocting this deliciously weird mix of shimmering lines, cut up snatches of vocal and a myriad of effects and dots and bleeps. Throw in an instrumental of the track and it adds up to something rather brilliant

Check it out, here





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