Premiere: Lachlan Denton (The Ocean Party) exclusively unveils video for the sparkling single ‘You’ ahead of the release of the album ‘Furnishings’ along with an exhibition of work.

Feature Photograph: Simon Fazio

We are very pleased to premiere the video for the track ‘You’ from musician and songwriter Lachlan Denton, member of The Ocean Party and a skilled artisan to add to his many skills. The Ocean Party disbanded after the tragic death of Denton’s brother Zac (who played drums in the band) in 2018 at the age of 24, and Denton has since channeled his energy and his grief in a number of bands and solo work since the demise of The Ocean Party as well as utilising his woodwork skills to design and make furniture. These worlds collide in Denton’s forthcoming album entitled ‘Furnishings’, due out in April.

‘You’ is a stunning piece of dappling, floating pop that seemingly soars across the sky without restraint or limitations. Denton’s voice is initially gentle and yearning, restrained and melodic across the instrumentation including an insistent piano refrain and a muscular bass proving an iron thread. The song incrementally builds up with Denton’s vocals to a sudden stop, leaving a desire for more.

There is a bleak romanticism in the lyrics – cloaked in a desire and need for resolution in the horrors of the contemporary world, and finding solace in the personal, in love:

I will sell everything if it means being with you

This is heartbreakingly beautiful stuff that is powered by an indeible passion and strength. Denton says of the song:

’You’ is a love song for what can feel like a dystopian time to be alive. A song about finding solace in the one you love, at a time when environmental disaster and hypercapitalism paints a grim picture of our future. “As we stood watching the seas rise, fires burning before our eyes”. “Even if our futures been sold, right now I am here with you”.

Stylistically there are strong connections to the balladry of Paul Kelly and Bruce Springsteen as well as Augie March.

The accompanying video shows Denton at work during a normal day – at his workshop building furniture and rehearsing – there is an enthralling confluence as the melodic pop provides a mesmerising soundtrack to the creation of beautiful, tangible pieces of art formed by his hands. Denton says of the clip:

I was lucky enough to have my friend Simon Fazio make a video for me at the same time as taking some press pics. It is a bit of a day in the life concept. I tinkered around in the workshop, had a Velcro rehearsal (my friend Curtis’ project in which I play drums) and went to the post office at the same time as taking my dog Sam for a walk. I told Simon I liked the bleak yet pretty vibe of the film Nomadland, and also that I like film clips where people are talking but you can’t hear them because of the music. That was the brief. I look like a bit of a dork at times, which I think is quite funny, and I like it.

It’s a perfect accompaniment to an exquisite song that sparkles and shimmers. Creativity in all its manifestations is compelling and transfixing.

The album ‘Furnishings’ is out on 14 April through Osborne Again and Spunk Records, and available to pre-order here and through the link below. Excitingly, the release will be accompanied by an exhibition of Denton’s work in Melbourne.

We have long been fans of the The Ocean Party – read our interview with Denton back in 2018 – and it’s great to reconnect.

Feature Photograph: Simon Fazio

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