See: Fat Freddys Drop release video for Six-Eight Instrumental ahead of European tour

New Zealands funk producers Fat Freddy’s Drop have dropped a new, animated video for ‘Six-Eight Instrumental’, taken from their new album ‘Special Edition Part 1’ album, which is out now.

Musically the track does pretty much what it says on the tin, in that it’s a six-eight instrumental. But in reality its so much more than that. Eerie and distant, it has this 70s sci-fi about it, as it pops ebbs and flows and twists and morphs its was through.

Themusic video travels to Audio Cancri 55 in Galaxy SE 68, a distant galaxy inhabited by Blingler fish, I’m-Not-A-Vampire squid, Beam Daddy and big MD.

The alternate world evolved in the imagination of artist and animator Mick Finn; “listening to the techno grooves of Six-Eight and feeling the sense of musical exploration I hit the sketchpad to create some alternate world characters who would communicate their music via pulsing light beams. Somehow, they developed individual personality quirks in the process – e.g. the Blingler fish, the I’m-Not-A-Vampire squid, the Opticus and the Gallileo K”, Mick says.

“I was heavily inspired by nature, particularly the deepest of sea creatures who rely on bioluminescence to attract food, or a mate. And also life-forms with six or eight legs, or tentacles, and with intricate symmetry. Then the digital painting and animating began which engendered more six/eight/light/sound characters – Lobsterphonic, the Manteagle, Beam Daddy and the ultimate world of Audio Cancri 55.”

Check it out, here

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