Film Review: Fantastic Fungi

When you hear the word ‘fungi’ the automatic response is to think of mushrooms. Possibly due to their popularity as a pizza topping! However, the fungus kingdom contains an extraordinary diverse and rich range of organisms, including mould and yeasts. They play a vital role in our ecosystems and are often greatly misunderstood. More and more we’re turning to this world to look for answers and cures to modern problems.

Fungi have been part of our planet for billions of years and whilst other forms of life are often susceptible to environmental disasters and natural catastrophes these organisms are extremely hardy. In his new documentary, Fantastic Fungi, Louie Schwartzberg extols the myriad virtues of this often little-seen taxa. Along with leading mycologists, he takes us on a journey into a mysterious and magical world.

No one could ever accuse Fantastic Fungi of underselling its subject. Narrated by Brie Larson, Schwartzberg employs a number of techniques, including immersive animation and a thrilling soundtrack to get his point across. This inclination towards showmanship ensures that it’s never less than captivating. The passion showed by those involved with the film is almost akin to dogma. Fantastic Fungi is fascinating, educational and entertaining.

Fantastic Fungi is in virtual UK Cinemas from 6th November and available on Apple TV, Amazon and Google Play from 9th November

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