Say Psych: Album Review: The Noise Figures – Telepath

It’s been two and a half years since The Noise Figures released Aphelion, and their absence has been noted. This week they are back with their third LP Telepath, released on Inner Ear Records. Inspired by the theory of spiritualism and influenced by personal experiences, Telepath is in essence a concept album with intense attention to detail in every single track. It reveals a different side of the band’s personality and crossing all the paths the duet from Greece travel far on their musical journey; from heavy blues to psych garage to a fuzzed up haze.

Opener ‘Taste Like Time’ utilises a hypnotic drum beat accompanied by a haunting guitar duet which creates a sway within the track that doesn’t fail to impress. This continues as the track progresses, building on each element in turn producing a depth of sound that resonates. ‘Strange Medium Child’ takes a step out of the darkness invoking Californian sunshine with its playful air. ‘Stay Forever Young’ wears its blues influences on its sleeve with added layers of fuzz and weighty guitar riffs. More than a hint of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club shines through here, and fans of them would do well to give this a listen. ‘Out of Touch’ immediately moves in a different direction, with a distorted noise opening turning into a fast paced track that races through.

‘Healing Light’ returns to a blues foundation once more, coupled with a buoyant guitar riff that drives the track. The track has two elements, with the fast paced in complete juxtaposition to the minimalist interlacing segments. Lead tracks ‘Telepath’ and ‘Hypnotized’ work in perfect harmony with the former’s haunting vocal harmony and the latters soothing sway. About the tracks the band said “’Telepath’ was the first song we composed and recorded during the demo sessions of our third album. Without even knowing where these demos would lead us, we actually had the whole concept of it before the birth of it, just trying out a groove ideal for the gigs and trippy, psychic lyrics. As we were jamming it we came across “Hypnotized”, a slow-burning ritual of hypnotism, and it became one track split in two parts.”

‘Lethargy’ is anything but what its name suggests, with a darkly powerful drum beat at the heart of proceedings and a tambourine jangle that captivates. It is a sound utilised well by bands such as New Candys, and it serves both bands well. ‘Never Sleep’ and ‘Glow Electric’ round off the album with their contrasting yet complementing styles, showing the versatility of the musicians.

They may have been absent a while, but if albums like this are the result then it is entirely worth it. The Noise Figures channel their inspirations and influences to create a blend of psychedelia that is sorely craved after.



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