Coastal Cities – Nothing Ever Changes


Listen, I just checked it and the weather forecast for today is mainly excellent for the UK. So do yourself a favour, get up, get up as soon as possible after now. Don’t fuck about watching telly or take ages trying to make coherent plans, just make a couple of phone calls and get some folks together and while you’re about it stick this on because I can pretty much guarantee that this is going to get your bank holiday off to the right start.


It isn’t going to mess your sleepyhead up by being fast or shouty, but it equally isn’t going to allow your inner lazy to take over by being slow or soft. Simple, loud drums that you can’t ignore or resist, a synth melody you know you’ll be humming all day, good dynamics in the backing vocals, a guitar solo that must have been inspired by “Summer Holiday”, and a splendidly throw-it-all-out-there repeat-to-fade – all in 2:34 that guarantees you’ll be putting this straight back on and probably taking it with you when you head out of the house into that brilliant sunshine. Hope you have a belter !

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