We’ve already had our say on ‘Hi There’, the new single from Blue Lab Beats’ upcoming EP ‘Vibe Central’, which drops on June 28th via AllPoints / Blue Adventure. Needsless to say, it were very much in favour of their squelchy instrumental jazz funk, with space rock guitar solos and this summertime vibe that cleared any downhearted thoughts out of the way.

They’ve now released an accompanying video to go with the track, about which the duo producer NKOK and multi-instrumentalist Mr DM – say ‘Hi There is a mixture of the old and the new –  Nu Disco! We wanted a video idea that was relatable to the music which is really danceable and uplifting. As usual with all our videos we had a mixture of friends, family and professionals involved which made the day very relaxed and hilarious at times!’

Check it out, here