Album Review: Thylacine – Transsiberian

A concept album composed over a 5,000 mile journey between Moscow and Vladivostok, Artist William Rezé (Thylacine) sampled sounds along the way and blended them over music he created from the confines of a tiny cabin along the Trans-Siberian Railway. His Travels took him through nearly 6,000 miles of landscapes resulting in a piece of work that reflects his discovery of another culture and its music.

It’s an immersive piece which begins with the sounds of a busy train station and its hustle and bustle as we board, as we depart the sound of the train rolling over the tracks blends into Deep House beats and becomes part of the rhythm itself, have your tickets ready for a journey which will take you over wonderful soundscapes, through ambient down tempo lands and around crisp beat laden pastures.

The use of field recordings fused with Thylacines compositions work perfectly, it creates a wonderful sense of realism, a feeling of being taken through various different places and experiencing the sounds and emotions of the journey.

“Along the Trans-Siberian route, I made stopovers and spent generally two days in each town or village, meeting all sorts of people, exploring the area, recording many sounds and then got back on the train for two days, doing nothing else but compose music.”

It’s one of those albums that manages to shine a light of optimism throughout, from its use of upbeat melodies and cool House beats to its native singing and warm piano riffs. A pleasure to listen to from start to finish…….so what you waiting for, just pack a bag and take the ride, you’ve nothing to lose.



1 Introduction 2:00
2 Train 5:56
3 Belobezvodnoe 4:16
4 Aïkhaï & Mandukhaï (Interlude) 0:41
5 Moskva 6:34
6 Poly 4:53
7 Piany Pianino 4:32
8 Chaman 3:03
9 Irkutsk 2:23
10 Memories 5:30




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