Live Review & Gallery: Australia’s Caligula Rocks The Bridge Hotel Supporting Machinations – Eora/Sydney, 09.03.2024

On a sweltering hot night at The Bridge Hotel, a modest pub situated just a brief 20-minute drive from Eora/Sydney city, the ambience was ripe for an evening drenched in the sounds of 80’s and 90’s alt-rock, featuring the legendary Australian bands Machinations and Caligula. Stepping into the music scene in the early 1990s, Caligula enraptured crowds with their distinctive blend of electro-rock. They took the stage supporting Machinations, the synthpop sensation that first emerged in 1980, as they celebrated the 40th anniversary of their beloved single, ‘No Say In It!‘.

Caligula boasts a rich history, with their acclaimed album ‘Rubenesque’ having reached number 13 on the ARIA charts in 1994. The pinnacle of their popularity was reached with their rendition of Smokey Robinson’s timeless classic, ‘Tears Of A Clown‘, and their acclaim soared even higher as they toured alongside esteemed acts such as Depeche Mode and Pop Will Eat Itself. Following a hiatus spanning 22 years, Caligula regrouped in 2017, delighting fans with fresh material that began rolling out in 2021.

Even as the supporting act, Caligula’s popularity radiated through the sizable line of eager concertgoers, patiently waiting before the doors even swung open. Having recently supported Pop Will Eat Itself at Manning Bar just last week, familiar faces were scattered throughout the crowd, serving as a testament to the enduring influence that 80’s and 90’s alt-rock holds within the Australian community.

According to vocalist Ashley Rothschild, Caligula can be counted on as “more 80’s than 90’s, more looks than brains“. Taking the stage with undeniable charisma and effortless skill, the band immediately enthralled the crowd who wasted no time immersing themselves in the high-energy performance.

Rothschild, a charismatic and talented frontman, had the audience singing along to the infectious lyrics of the hit single ‘Roundabout‘ with the lines “I run like hell, I run like hell”. The stage burst with life through his dynamic presence, as he actively jumped around and engaged the crowd. The entire band radiated passion, wearing smiles and displaying enthusiasm that suggested they were savouring every moment as much as the audience. A personal favourite was their single ‘Checkpoint‘ and excitement reached its pique as the crowd joined in a chorus of ‘Tears Of A Clown‘, Caligula’s hit cover of Smokey Robinson’s timeless track.

Excitedly, Caligula will return to The Bridge Hotel on June 14th where they will be playing a complete set featuring Depeche Mode’s hit album ‘Violator‘ (tickets here).

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