Live Review: The 1975 – Tele2 Arena, Stockholm 08.03.2024

Jordan Hughes

Words by Anastasia Baranovskaia

The 1975 delivered a memorable performance at Tele2 Arena, leaving an undeniable mark on the hearts of their fans. Originally set to perform at the venue Annexet, the demand for tickets led to a venue upgrade. The fact that it became a sold-out show, filled with an enthusiastic crowd, made it evident that the band has a solid fan base.

The crowd was heard cheering once the name of the band graced the curtain before the show started, signalling the beginning of an eventful evening. Once the curtain dropped, we were able to witness the great stage set-up. The set design was like having a look inside their house, where every band member had their own space and room to be seen and heard. The design, detailed and purposeful, served as
the perfect backdrop, seamlessly complementing the show and their setlist.

Throughout the show, Healy’s impromptu interactions with the audience added to the charm. A fan who had travelled all the way from Australia was there, sharing a birthday whiskey shot together with Matty. Another sign seen from the stage stated that the band should play the song “Girls” for International Women’s Day, signalling them to do just that, while the backdrop was transformed into neon pink.

The integration of cinematic elements, such as rolling credits as seen on the screens at the start of the show and end, heightened the sense of an immersive experience, transporting the audience into an alternate reality where music and art blended seamlessly. Also, the dynamic light design synchronized flawlessly with the music, amplifying its impact during the night.

Crowd favourites were among others “If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know),” “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You),” “Robbers,” and “Somebody Else”. The songs set the crowd off in cheering and enthusiastically dancing. During “The Sound,” there was an endless sight of fans jumping in unison, a testament to the band’s ability to translate the energy on the stage to the crowd. The band performed both older and newer songs, all of which resonated well with the crowd.

Throughout the evening, there was a sense of stepping into a romantic John Hughes movie, juxtaposed with moments that confronted the grim realities of the world when TV screens on stage depicted global issues.

In conclusion, The 1975’s performance went beyond being just a concert; it left a lasting impression on everyone present. With their blend of humour, artistry, and musical skill, the band demonstrated that they are in fact still at their very best…

Photos by Jordan Hughes

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