Live Review: The Barmines at Headrow House, Leeds, 9.9.2016

The Barmines have only just returned from Leeds festival but they’re already heading out on a tour that will last the rest of the year, hitting cities all across the UK. There’s no time to stop for breath – these guys are gonna keep going until everyone is dancing to their indie rock tunes. Their gig at Headrow House, Leeds, was the first of many shows they’ve got planned in the next few weeks, so we went along to see what all the fuss was about.

It was Only Shadows, a young band from Birmingham, who were trusted to warm up the crowd before The Barmines took over, and it’s safe to say they succeeded. “This is the sweatiest gig ever…” they tell us, before asking: “Is anyone coming to see us on tour? Even if you’re not, please just say yes.”

Earlier that day, Only Shadows had released their brand new single ‘Too Late’, complete with a music video that demands your attention; bright lights and sharp editing showcase the anthem perfectly. It came as no surprise when this new song was the strongest of the set; its catchy beat is hard to resist.

It was quickly followed with ‘Many A Mountain’ and ‘We Go Further’, building up the atmosphere with loud guitars and soaring vocals. The Birmingham boys ended on their first ever single, ‘Be Still’, with lead singer Nick Ashby coming down into the audience to sing its final chorus. It was an excellent introduction to this fledgling band, as massive sounds filled the tiny venue, convincing everyone to pay attention.

The crowd cheered with enthusiasm as The Barmines took to the stage; many in the room were already fans, donning the t-shirt and coming out to support one of the best bands in town. The boys was full of energy from the get-go, pushing people forward and throwing out inflatable beach balls from the very first song. Tonight was going to be a party, and The Barmines were making sure that everyone was involved in the fun.

Strong guitars filled the floor as fierce vocals told a story above the noise; it was indie in the best sense, as if their music was a secret that only the coolest people knew about. They’ll soon spread the word but, until then, you’re part of a privileged few, invited to this sold-out gig in Leeds that no one else seems to even know about. Not yet, anyway.

It’s easy to see how The Barmines made it to Leeds festival this summer; their music could effortlessly fill a tent with raucous guitars and solid drum beats, creating the rock’n’roll vibes that we all see on a mad night away, where we forget our troubles and just dance, dance, dance.

“We’re gonna need loads of delay on this one!” lead singer Rob Burton instructed the sound tech, who dutifully changed the settings to create an atmospheric echo with every word. This track was held down with a strong beat and the room set alight with beach balls being thrown over the crowd, mimicking Rob’s orders of “BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE!”

The audience had gotten the message – people of all ages were throwing the beach balls across the venue and jumping to the beat, having the best time. It was an intimate gig and everyone was there to simply have fun. Double Denim Live are a force to be reckoned with if all of their shows go as well as this one, providing an excellent night of entertainment and introducing us to the next biggest artists.

Only Shadows on tour:
19th September – EDINBURGH – Sneaky Pete’s
21st September – LONDON – The Slaughtered Lamb
23rd September – LIVERPOOL – The Shipping Forcast
24th September – BIRMINGHAM – O2 Institute
25th September – BRISTOL – The Louisana
27th September – CARDIFF – 10 Feet Tall
28th September – NOTTINGHAM – Bodega

Tickets available here: [Ents24]

The Barmines on tour:
13th September – MANCHESTER – City Square Stage (Etihad Stadium)
16th September – CROYDEN – Hoodoos
17th September – LEICESTER -Pi Bar
18th September – Askern Music Festival
24th September – BIRMINGHAM – O2 Institute
7th October – BRADFORD – The Underground
8th October – SHEFFIELD – Rocking Chair
14th October -STOCKTON-ON-TEES – ADM Club
15th October – NORTH ALLERTON – The Fleece
22nd October – LONDON – Dublin Castle
28th October – EDINBURGH – Electric Circus
29th October – GLASGOW – Buff Club
17th November – NEWCASTLE – The Cluny
19th November – MANCHESTER – Gullivers
26th November – LEEDS -Kazoopa Festival



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