Track: Dead Tooth release single ‘Hollow Skin’ ahead of EP release in March

Lead singer of band Dead Tooth
Credit: Jordan Carr Chase

Brooklyn-based band Dead Tooth have released new single ‘Hollow Skin‘ which is taken from their EP Pig Pile to be released on 11 March on Trash Casual.

The post-punk band are inspired here by the dark shadows of the Trump era. Frontman Zach James sings full of passion, with an obvious fire in his belly. It sizzles with an electric guitar at the fore and increases in its intensity as the track progresses. Lyrically it’s message is to find a better path, and boy oh boy that electric guitar kick-starting your route to finding it. There is almost a mystical mid-track shift with the crisp pounding beat giving a moments pause before blasting out to the end with vocals, guitars and drums all reaching a crescendo before tailing off at the end. It is a track full of electricity and heartfelt power with a spark all wrapped up to provide an intriguing precursor of the EP to come.

Dead Tooth is the project of Zach James and DIIV‘s lead guitarist Andrew Bailey. They have had prolific output during lockdown and the duo feed off each others madness, creating one of the best live sets in New York City.

Zach expands on the inspiration behind ‘Hollow Skin‘:
“…written to scream in the face of the most depressed and lethargic version of myself. It’s a grab’m by the collar and shake out the self doubt kind of stomper that started as vamp in the practice space.“

For more information on Dead Tooth check out their facebook and bandcamp pages.

The EP Pig Pile will be released on Trash Casual on 11 March 2022.

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