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Duke Of Wolves

London based four-piece Duke Of Wolves release their latest single this week, bringing forth their love of anything loud and sharing it with the rest of the world. Premiering on Fame Magazine earlier this month, ‘Teddy Boy’ packs a mean punch with high energy guitar riffs and melodic vocals. Even the most cynical listener will be tapping their feet before the track ends.

‘Teddy Boy’ highlights the performance of our wardrobes, how our clothes can often make us behave differently; as if they’re merely costumes and the whole world’s a stage. The point Duke Of Wolves are trying to make is that we are not slaves to our appearances. Our fashion choices should not dictate our behaviour and, moreso, our clothes should not be sole indicators of our personalities.

In the age of social media, it can hardly be a surprise that Duke Of Wolves found inspiration in the apparent hollow nature of fashion and how it affects our behaviour. Browsing through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc, allows us to paint pictures of the people we barely know, making assumptions of their daily lives and judging them for their perceived lifestyles. Life is a performance, but we don’t need the applause from strangers.

Duke Of Wolves are an earnest, hard-working band, putting faith in their fans (aptly named the ‘Wolf Pack’) and making sure they’re the top of everyone’s musical radar. ‘Teddy Boy’ is a prime example of this, packed with heavy riffs and strong vocals, making Duke Of Wolves’ brand of melodic rock hard to ignore.

Listen to ‘Teddy Boy’ below:

‘Teddy Boy’ will be released digitally on 18th August 2017.

31st August – LONDON – The Social (Single Launch Party)
2nd December – LONDON – Borderline

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