Track: Rats-Tails – Flowers

Brennan Bucannan

Formed in South East London by vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Courtney McMahon after she rediscovered her love of performance through singing in a David Bowie covers band, Rats-Tails are a regular and much-loved feature on the London grassroots circuit. The band have returned to share their first single of 2024, with new track ‘Flowers’.

About the track singer Courtney McMahon explains:

“You’ll never know all of the Flowers” verbatim, was my response to a long term ex-partner admitting he loved the ‘idea’ of me, rather than actual me. After processing the end of this relationship and the weight of his misogyny, I began a journey of discovering what I wish to do in life. ‘Flowers’ is about embracing your personal metamorphosis: the ugly and beautiful parts of you and your history. The sound of the track reflects that metamorphosis – it’s so colourful, full of twists & turns. It plays with genres, resulting in a dreamy and chaotic song about embracing your life journey. ‘Flowers’ is a great track to perform live, I can’t help but dance away with the rats and our crowd. I forget that the track stems from a moment of misogyny.”

From out of ethereal beginnings a prog rock, punk spirited, musical omnibus blooms, dominated by some seriously cool scratchy guitar work and McMahon’s vocals. Vocals that flow as if almost in a dream like trance that captivate and enchants. You may have found your new favourite band.

Check it out, here

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