Premiere: Andrew Rinehart & Bonnie ”Prince” Billy cover Friend Of The Devil; see the accompanying video here first

Taken from his forthcoming six track EP, Have Fun Idiot, out on August 6th is a new track from Andrew Reinhart, and featuring the ever brilliant Will Oldham, aka Bonnie ’Prince’ Billy. Its a cover of the Grateful Dead’s ’Friend of the Devil’, and it’s a pulsating slice of Americana, that takes the original and gives it a little more swing and swagger. Basically it brushes up something that was already great, and makes it a little diamond.

Of the accompanying video, a laugh out load affair with sketches barely concealed within, Andrew told us “With Will’s blessing, I dreamt up a drug trip dream sequence I thought would please the spirit of The Dead. Cut to a fortuitous meeting with my friend Tim Morton and a few green screens later — we’re in. An old Western town is the setting, Will does a mean Doc Holiday impression, toy horses are ridden, a Dead poster comes to life, and a new game show is born. It was absolutely the most fun music video I’ve ever made. Special thanks to Jerry and the boys for the song, Will Oldham for his fabulous dance moves, and to surfers in San Luis Obispo who showed me what the Grateful Dead lifestyle is all about (if only I could get there).”  

Its the most fun you’ll have today – check it out, here




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