EP Review: Ellorie McKnight – Equinox: A Serene Journey into Nature’s Embrace

The Breakdown

"Equinox" is a must-listen for anyone seeking a moment of solace and reflection amidst the chaos of modern life. Ellorie McKnight invites us to connect with nature, our emotions, and the fleeting moments that shape our existence through this beautifully crafted musical journey.
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Ellorie McKnight’s latest EP, “Equinox,” is a captivating journey through earthy Americana and folk that transports listeners to the serene landscapes of rural Canada. Released exclusively on Bandcamp, this collection of songs reflects McKnight’s deep connection with the natural world and her experiences living in the vast and remote Yukon.

The EP opens with “Trivial,” a beautifully introspective track that sets the tone for the entire record. McKnight’s quietly emotive delivery shines brightly here, accompanied by pastoral instrumentation that evokes a sense of solitude and contemplation. As the EP unfolds, songs like “In the Dust Through the Fog” and “Tout Partout” weave a tapestry of melancholy and introspection, hinting at themes of heartbreak and personal reflection.

Throughout “Equinox,” McKnight’s songwriting is enriched by the exquisite pedal steel of Ryan McNally and Kieran Polle’s evocative fiddle. These elements brighten the mood and draw out raw emotions, adding depth and authenticity to each composition.

The EP’s standout tracks include “Whitepass” and the opener “Trivial,” where McKnight’s lyrical prowess and emotive delivery shine brightest. “Whitepass” paints a vivid picture of a powerful mountainous region, while “Trivial” celebrates the significance of small, seemingly insignificant emotions and memories.

The EP’s uniqueness lies in its live, in-studio recording approach, capturing the magic of McKnight’s performances alongside her talented band. This method lends a raw and intimate quality to the music, enhancing its pastoral elegance and emotional intensity.

Overall, “Equinox” is a little gem of an EP that showcases McKnight’s ability to craft deeply moving and evocative folk compositions. Each song invites listeners to settle into its gentle rhythms and revel in the magic of McKnight’s musical storytelling.

McKnight’s decision to release the EP exclusively on Bandcamp underscores her commitment to valuing art and minimizing waste—a sentiment that resonates deeply with her introspective and environmentally conscious songwriting.

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