Film Review: The Lure

The vast majority of us were not born into money, and the vast majority of us will never be rich. Such is the desire to become wealthy that millions of people play lotteries and gamble against huge odds. However, history has provided us with a much more poetic group with get-rich-quick plans: The treasure hunter. From pirates to gold prospectors to daring archaeologists, there’s something romantic about these adventuring rogues.

In Tomas Leach’s documentary The Lure, the subject matter feels like something from another era. When elderly eccentric millionaire Forrest Fenn decides to give some of his fortune away he has a rather novel idea about how to do it. He fills a chest with treasure and hides it somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. The only clues to the precise location of the loot are hidden somewhere within his memoirs. The range covers a stretch of 3000 miles and crosses five US states.

The Lure focusses on a handful of treasure hunters who travel from across the US in order to try and strike lucky. They all have their own personal reasons for the hunt. Obviously, the thought of discovering the 2-3 million dollars of buried treasure is the major motivator. However, it soon becomes clear that the thrill of the chase and the romantic quest are also driving factors. The Lure is a fascinating documentary about those prepared to give up everything for their one shot of glory.

The Lure is out in cinemas from Friday 8 September.

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