Any uncertainty about Baxter Dury’s parentage is quickly dispelled the minute he starts singing. If singing is the right term: he is a blistering, sardonic cockney raconteur just like his brilliant dad (Ian Dury, in case you are not up to speed). The video release of his new song, “Miami” reminds me of the panache and confidence of a sixties Serge Gainsbourg with its girly melodic chorus and confident assured dry delivery by Dury. An inexorable, insistent rolling bass with soaring strings and funky guitar – this is one enigmatic song performed by a highly enigmatic performer:

The song is off Dury’s forthcoming album entitled “Prince of Tears” which was recorded at the end of 2016 at Hoxa Studios, co-produced by Baxter himself & Ash Workman (Metronomy) and mixed by longstanding collaborator Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire, New Order, Florence & the Machine). You can pre-order it here.