Countdown to Rebellion – Day 18: Introducing Noogy

Check out another of our Top 50 Introducing bands appearing at Rebellion Festival in August!

Noogy – (adj:) To grab someone around the neck with your arm, pull their head against your body (thus subduing them), make your other hand into a fist, and grate your knuckles painfully against their scalp. I guess that’s something that all of us with older siblings, may have experienced at some time or another!

However, fortunately whilst listening to Texas punks Noogy, any scalp sensations you may experience as a result of their brand of hardcore punk/ska-core, will be completely pleasurable this time!!

Hailing from Dallas, they describe themselves as 4 unemployed skaters! They are currently gigging their way across Europe, having just played in Germany with MDC, almost like a football pre-season tour, warming up for Rebellion!

Check out the Bridge City Sessions video linked below to get the full flavour of what to expect when Noogy hit the After Dark stage in the Arena, Sun 6th Aug 21:30 – 22:00.

Check out their Bandcamp page here

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