Sundance Review: To The End

While history will remember the 2020 US Presidential election for the ‘storming of the Capitol’ and a victory for rationalism over populism, there were so many individual and dogmatic battles taking place. One of the most compelling arenas was the struggle for the hearts and minds of the Democratic Party. On the one hand, you had the progressive ‘socialism’ of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. On the other, the steady centre ground of Joe Biden.

This is the environment in which campaigners hoped The Green New Deal, a bold and ambitious plan to stop climate change and address economic and racial justice in the process, would mark a sea-change in American politics. Four young women of colour and strong leaders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Varshini Prakash, Alexandra Rojas and Rhiana Gunn-Wright, fight for a better future in To The End.

Rachel Lears picks up where she left off in Knock Down The House, and in many ways To The End is a logical continuation. The climate crisis is the biggest issue facing mankind this century, but the struggle to be heard continues. We witness attempts to cut through the noise. Rise above the politics and the myriad media angles. To The End highlights the pressing need for change and the strong and determined voices committed to make it happen.

To The End screens at Sundance Film Festival.

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