Track: Jacob Rountree Delivers Buoyant, atmospheric Indie-Folk Wonder ‘First Avenue’

Jacob Rountree’s new single ‘First Avenue’ offers a vibrant indie-folk soundscape which brings together poetic lyricism and inventive instrumentation.

Built around a bouncing fingerpicked acoustic guitar, picked strings, double bass and Rountree’s husky lead vocal, the track captures a buoyant, warming sense of earthy freedom. Progressing into the second verse the track builds a sense of atmosphere with dappled bowed strings, subtle synths and distorted swells which dance around the soundscapes adding a beautiful depth.

At the mid point the track enters an expected, spine tingling and explosive, stop-start instrumental section, capturing a ‘I Forget Where We Were’ era, Ben Howard-esque sonic pallet as riffs and varying tones deliver a euphoric and intricate display of musicianship. The track closes, ebbing flowing through a bouncing final verse.

Jacob Rountree shares:

“This playful, alternative-folk song is a musical collaboration that expands the globe! As I was traveling through the Czech Republic in the winter of 2022, I found myself listening to the wonderful sounds of LUNAVES at the Jazz Dock in Prague. Bonding through the music after the show, the band and I made sure to keep in touch after my return to the States. Six months later I finished writing and recording the baritone depths of ‘First Avenue’ and decided to reach out to the bands’ violin player, NINA ROSA, to add the wonderfully playful higher frequencies.

Within the week, NINA’S violin recording was emailed from halfway across the world and this completely unique collaboration was formed. With the final mix and master by Montana’s finest, three time Emmy award winner, LUKE SCHEELER, ‘First Avenue’ has come to life. Listen now for a contemplative sonic journey that leaves you peacefully joyful.”

Listen below:

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