Track: Hot Snakes – Six Wave Hold-Down, plus first new album in 14 years news

It’s been a LONG time, but finally Hot Snakes, aka Swami John Reis and Rick Froberg have reconvened, and for good reason too, by the sound of it…“I considered stopping playing guitar on a social media poll after I completely mastered the instrument,” Reis says. “But so many people kept sending me letters and voicemail messages, asking me at the dry cleaners, or the butcher shop to bring back Hot Snakes. They were missing rock and roll music. I’ve always considered Hot Snakes to be more in the vein of the proto-Vog movement of the early ‘70s. But to these people, this is their rock ‘n’ roll. I understand that. I totally understand people’s desire to be controlled and humiliated by my guitar. Anyone can play the stupid guitar. What they want is for me to use it as a branding iron.”

The San Diego punk rockers return with a new album. Jericho Sirns, out on Sub Pop Records on March 16th. From it they’ve released a new track – Six wave hold-down. It’s a melancholy tinged nugget of rock n roll, with riffs to die for and the sort of tune that highlights what we’ve all been missing these long 14 years.

Check it out, here

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