Track: Malibu Hot Flush Share Pulsing New Single ‘Too Much’

Electronic duo Malibu Hot Flush (singer and guitarist Luigi Tiberio and modular artist Tim Bleasdale) share the pulsing, intense and atmospheric synth-pop banger ‘Too Much’.

Instantly comparable to Hot Chip with its use of soaring synths, punching electronic beats and lo-fi production to create an effortlessly cool, tight 80s-tinted electronic sound. The emotive yet urgent lead vocals give the track a central hook with alluring lyricism and catchy melodies.

One of the main things which makes the track stand out is its boxy production, mixed almost in mono as if making a point of the analogue, vintage nature of the bands sound. It gives the track an edge which I feel wouldn’t be as prevalent had the track been given a more cinematic, expansive turn. It’s a clever and interesting sonic choice.

Tiberio explains, “On ‘Too Much’, we originally started playing around this synth riff that made me think of the 70s electronica a la Giorgo Morodor style with those fat square wave tones in your face sort of sound.” 

“Musically, we’re trying to pick out the discordant elements of the melody and build those the texture of those, getting more aggressive as the song spins on. It’s almost like the call and response you’d get on a blues track, I think this comes from doing everything live”, Bleasdale adds.

Listen below:

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