Premiere: Floral Image Return With Immersive New Visual For Explosive New Single ‘Gallipoli’

Leaning once again into their 70s influence, psychedelic indie-rock sound, Norwich four piece Floral Image return with a bang on the new single ‘Gallipoli’. Needless to say, we’re very excited to be running the video premiere!

Setting the scene with a mind-bending quote adorned with neon glow, as Hawkwind-esque psychedelic rumbles of synth and delay feedback fills the soundscape, Floral Image quickly set the scene for the trippy, psychedelic animated video and onslaught of driving instrumentation which is about to ensue.

Built an intense, prog inspired soundscape of punching drums, pulsing bass and sporadic, overlapping guitars doused in delay and fuzz, ‘Gallipoli’ offers an exciting, energetic and transporting musical sonic experience under the boxy, distorted and yet still subtly catchy lead vocals. Matched by the hypnotic visuals which pull you through a high paced space battle (adorned with subtle sexual innuendos), the track is given a visual muse to further emphasise the bands ability to create mesmerising, immersive soundscapes.

Speaking about the video, the band explain: “The video, animated by the megazordal force of Phil Whitton and M.Forsyth, brings to life a Moebius-inspired science fiction epic, expanding the Floral Image visual canon beyond the very reaches of our known universe. It’s moon lasers, clone death cults, cosmic gods, and crabs. It’s that good.”

As a long time follower of the band, this is some of their strongest and most expansive material to date. Warmingly nostalgic and excitingly fresh, ‘Gallipoli’ is a banger and the video is truly stunning. Watch below:

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